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URSafety™ is a nationwide program offering an efficient and successful method of removing hazards in our lives.  Whether at work, place of residence, school, recreation facility or on travel, people shouldn’t be forced to live with the unnecessary risk of injury or illness.  Founded in 2019 to provide an efficient and inexpensive process to remove hazardous situations by informing the responsible party with the corresponding code or regulation.  No longer, can the responsible party just claim they were unaware!


Our mission is to prevent injuries and illnesses BEFORE they can happen.


OSHA or other agencies shows up to investigate once an accident occurs.

Lawyers will represent you for 1/3 of your settlement after you’re injured.

Local government will rarely listen unless a trend of  injuries are recorded.


  These groups are designed to only react when you are already hurt and therefore benefit from an injury – NOT from preventing one. We are the only ones that are being PROACTIVE when it comes to UR safety!! 

What Are You Waiting For? Protect Your Community TODAY!

Take the necessary proactive action and submit a certified violation report request to address your health, safety or environmental issue today!