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Why will a certified letter persuade the responsible party to correct hazard?

Sadly, some individuals need the threat of a lawsuit to act responsibly. Once you are informed of the hazard your liability would be significantly increased if an individual was harmed.

Will my name appear anywhere on the certified letter?

Your name will never appear on any correspondence and never be divulged under any circumstance.

Do you recommend providing the standard/regulation or corrective actions?

Most of the time the certified letter pointing out the hazard will be sufficient. However, some clients have requested more specific detail in the report illustrating the specific regulation pertaining to the violation.

How long does it take for the responsible party to receive the certified letter?

We attempt to get the certified letter out within 5 days of submission.

Should I send a picture of the hazard?

Absolutely! Depending on the specific hazard we might need several.

What happens if the hazard I submitted causes an accident and is used in a lawsuit?

If the hazard you reported causes an injury/illness after the responsible party received the letter, you could be awarded up to $1000.

Can you help me file a hazard violation report?

Absolutely, one of our safety experts will assist you with the process.

How will I know when you send out the letter?

We will send you a copy of the letter by email for your records.

What if I don’t know who the responsible party is or their contact information?

We can assist with locating the responsible party.